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Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry - Corde d'escalade - 7,1mm 60m bleu (2019)

ID: 579862
180,00 €
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Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry - Corde d'escalade - 7,1mm 60m bleu
Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry - Corde d'escalade - 7,1mm 60m olive
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Description produit

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The skinniest and lightes half rope money can buy. The go-to solution for demanding ice and mixed routes or situations where every gram counts.

Thermo Shield
Thermo Shield is the standard treatment that Edelrid applies to all their ropes. The thermal stabilizing process ensures that the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced. A special heat treatment cure first relaxes then shrinks the rope’s fibers. This harmonizes the gliding characteristics of the yarns inside the rope and ensures that it remains compact and supple throughout its life. It also ensures that the rope does not shrink or becomes stiff.

Pro Dry
Untreated ropes can absorb up to 50 % of their own weight in water. When wet, such ropes become extremely heavy, difficult to handle and may freeze in cold conditions. Moreover, their safety reserves are compromised. This is why dry treated ropes are used for activities where ropes are more likely to get wet, such as ice climbing or mountaineering. Pro Dry is a new finishing process, which provides a solution to this problem. First the core yarns are infused. Then, once braiding is completed, the finished rope (core and sheath) is infused again. In a final stage, the dry treatment is thermally fixed. The result is a rope that is durably water repellent and dirt resistant. Pro Dry ropes are particularly quick drying, absorb virtually no water and are resistant to freezing in cold temperatures. Due to their minimal water absorption (1–2 %) in accordance with the UIAA waterrepellent test, Pro Dry ropes hardly increase in weight. As such, they continue to perform well and provide high safety reserves even in wet conditions.

Eco Dry
With the Swift Eco Dry ropes Edelrid has made another step towards achieving the goal of sustainable and environmental-friendly outdoor gear. Edelrid proudly presents the new CO zero rope coating that is totally free of PFC!
Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) ensure that outdoor equipment repels oil, grease and water. For this reason they are used to give outerwear or ropes their water-repellent finish. Finding a real alternative to these harmful chemicals that is as highperforming and long lasting when it comes to the water- and dirt-repellent effect, is hard. 
When climbing, we entrust our live to the rope, thus, any chemical treatment used must guarantee the rope’s functionality and
durability. The C0 coating completely fulfills these demands and gets very close to the high performance of the harmful PFCs.
It is also this coating making the new SWIFT ECO DRY the world’s first 100 % PFC free rope that complies with the UIAA water-repellent standard absorbing only 1–2 % of the rope’s own weight.

Informations supplémentaires

  • Number of falls (when used as single/half/twin rope): 5/18
  • Safety impact (when used as single/half/double rope): 6.1/10 kN
  • Dynamic elongation (when used as single/half/double rope): 32/39 %.
  • Static elongation (when used as single/half/double rope): 9.0/5.2 %.
  • hydrofuge et anti-tâches grâce à l'imprégnation Pro Dry
  • Manipulation facile grâce au traitement Thermo Shield
  • Minimum weight and small diameter
Epaisseur : 7.1 mm
Longueur : 60 m
Poids : 2160 g
Catégorie : corde escalade
norme : Corde jumelée, Demi-cable
Utilisez souche de type : dynamique
Design : Construction avec gaine
Particularités : Impregnation  
Matériau corde
Gaine : 40  %
Corde qualité
Norme : UIAA, EN 892
Année modèle
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